How to  Optimize your Seo Ranking – 4 steps

How to Optimize your Seo Ranking – 4 steps

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Google is the most used search engine in the world . We use Google to search for products, services or information about what interests us. And this makes it very interesting, the audience uses Google because they are looking for something specific

Every day, Google indexes millions of web pages before classifying them, according to the importance  and quality of the content. And With billions of pages on the Internet, a company must stand out in order to appear in the first results Optimize your seo Ranking 

This is the reason why it is so important to Optimize your seo Ranking

 and that you appear at the exact moment when someone searches for what you offer on your website.

Every website owner must know how hard it is to attract new customers  if you are not promoting your website . for me, the best way to do this is to use a good SEO strategy 

Therfore I’ll share with you in this article my best tips to Optimize your seo Ranking and show you how to improve your site’s position  in Google search results.

                                   So let’s get started

Before starting this steps  keep in mind that , the process to Optimize your seo Ranking  can be very long  ,that’s why a lot of people fail or give up early

But if you Follow these SEO tips you will gain visibility and attract more traffic to your website so that your services or products are more popular.


Choose your keywords carefully

Keywords are the key to driving traffic to your website. These are the words or expressions that a user will type on a search engine to find a product or information.

For example, if a user registers “digital agency” in their search bar, the word “digital agency” will be considered as a keyword. If you have optimized the content of a page with this word, you will have a chance that your site will appear.

All the SEO  optimization actions must focus on promoting keywords that interest us, so if you work hard to Optimize your seo Ranking  to the wrong words, we will have lost a time

It is very important to keep in mind that people are looking the way they want, not the way you think. So you need to use tools to find out what terms people use to find web pages like yours.

Optimize your seo Ranking with a complete keyword research, fortunately, to achieve this, there is no shortage of keyword research tools to help us.

I think you have tools to generate keywords and semantic fields.

Some examples:

Google Keywords Planner
Ultimate Keyword Hunter


Quality links to your website

Get relevance with quality links to your website.It is important that you generate links from authoritative sites to your website.

Google sees links as recommendations. Therefore, if an authoritative website links one of your sections to your content, it will consider it as a recommendation and reward you.

Sources are essential to the success of an article. If you don’t have good resources, your readers won’t trust you.

Here is one of the best writing tips I can give you: find your sources first and base your text on those sources.

Get your resources in touch. Users will be able to click on it easily and of course browse it.

On the other hand, Google checks your external links. As a result, the more a page is, the more Google is considered to be quality. So you will Optimize your seo Ranking

You have pay attention to the quality of the sites you refer to. Avoid those who have a bad reputation or those that have nothing to do with the topic of your site. The impact on SEO can be the opposite of what you expected

Provide a valuable content

Google is looking for the valuable content with   High quality

Be sure to build content that responds to queries and solves problems for customers

the first step is to write texts that keep the user on the website. So keep in mind the following rules when writing to Optimize your seo Ranking

  • Each text must be unique on the web.
  • Each text must add value to the user.
  • Structure your texts wisely.
  • Address your visitors directly and use an identification language with “us” and “us.”


The content is the most important part  of your website so it should not be just about you as a company.

focus on your potential customers, offer content with added value !

give your visitors more than your products. Provide studies, e-books, checklists, videos and other content with clear benefits and added value.

When analyzing the content of the pages, you need to ask yourself several questions that will guide you through the process:

  • Does the page have enough content? There is no standard measure of the “sufficient” quantity, but it should contain at least 300 words.
  • Is the content relevant? This should be useful to the reader, just ask yourself if you will read it. Be sincere.
  • Do you have any important keywords in the first few paragraphs? In addition to these, we have to use related terms, because Google is very effective in linking them.
  • Is it easy to read? The paragraphs should not be very long, the lyrics should not be too small and it is recommended that there be images or videos that reinforce the text. Don’t forget to think about which audience you’re writing to.


Improve the speed of your website

Most websites are slow, which affects the user experience and how search engines process them. So we will try to explain how to increase the speed of your website in general and increase visitor satisfaction.

Page speed is a SEO ranking factor – if you have two similar websites and one is faster than the other, you can expect it to also be ranked higher.

To analyze the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to increase the speed of the page. Try the Google PageSPeed Insight tool.

Faster websites generate more conversions – This means More page views more sales, more subscribers and more clicks on your ads (if you use Adsense for example).

When a website loads quickly, users are likely to visit more than one page before leaving.

How can you improve the speed of your website?

I know it is not an easy task, especially if you are not a technician, but it is important to manage the speed of transmission of pages without further delay.

If you can’t afford to hire an SEO expert or developer to speed up the loading of your website, follow these steps:

1.Delete Large Images

 To solve this problem, you must use the image editing program to adjust the size of the images before adding them to your website. Despite the simplicity of this step, but it is one of the most important reasons for the slowness of the sites and once you fix this problem you will notice the increase of the speed of your site

2.Home Page Modifications

The home page is the first thing a visitor usually logs in, and its size sometimes exceeds 1MB.  You can speed it up by displaying a small part  of each post, viewing 5 posts in home page , removing unimportant widgets or even billing if it does not provide a real function . It is important that the design of the home page must be  simple as possible

3.Get  a Faster hosting

Must have a strong hosting that provides basic speed and security in order to gets a positive experience while browsing the site, which is favored by search engines such as Google, and gives it a signal that the site deserves to be uploaded to the first page in search results and is the same goal to which the owner of the site aspires



SEO is a large domain can’t be limited in a single article , to Optimize your seo Ranking, you must focus  on the elements mentioned above and work continuously in order to produce a high quality content  and ranked your site in search  results

We wish you enjoy reading this article and we welcome your comments!




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