How to start your own blog business – The ultimate Guide

How to start your own blog business – The ultimate Guide

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Creating a website is very easy

You don’t have to be a programmer or a web-site expert.

By following the right steps and using the right tools you can start your own blog business

I had no knowledge In web development when I started my online business in 2010. I didn’t hire a web developer, but I was able to make my own site successfully.

To help you, we have prepared a complete guide with everything you need to start your own blog business.

this guide shows you the shortest and easiest way to start a with the best tools.

to create your own blog business you need: a domain name, a web hosting service and a blogging platform

I will explain step by step the complete process of creating a website. by following this guide, you will be able to launch your site and create content without any difficulty.

Select Your Blog’s Niche

Choosing a good niche for your business is absolutely the most important things you need to verify before starting  your own blog business

Choosing a niche you’re passionate about is important because you’ll spend a lot of time and effort

To find out what kind of online business you are going to start and the best possible niche that will succeed, you just need to know what you are most passionate about!

know what you are ready to offer because it makes you really happy?

Believe me, if you find out what really interests you, you will be able to create a business around this passion and nobody will be able to compete you in this niche.

before starting your own blog busniess , it is very important to check if the niche you have chosen has the potential to succeed, if it will bring you enough visitors to be able to make a living from your blog!

Here is a list of the best profitable niches in 2021 to start your own blog business for free:

  • Wealth: Online business, finance, credit card, Trading, Digital products, Stock market, e-commerce, Marketing
  • High  Tech: cameras, smartphones, Smart  TV, phone accessories, drones, headsets
  • Fashion: trendy clothing, shoes, sportswear, watches, sunglasses
  • Hobby: Travel, hotels, music, cars

My advice: Do not worry about how to choose the perfect niche for your blog the first time ,because you can always create a new blog. The important thing is to know and understand  how the whole process of  blogging works.


What You Need to Start Your Own Blog Business For Free ?

Creating  a new  blog isn’t complicated , everyone can start a blog even if you are a beginner .

To start your own blog business, you need three important things :

Domain name: The web address of your site (like that users enter in the web browser when they visit your site / blog.

Web Hosting Service : All your site content is stored on a hosting and presented to visitors. you need to register for a web hosting service provided by a company like bluehost or sitegtround

Blogging platform : After getting your domain name and your web hosting service, you have to install a software (WordPress) to make your own blog free and manage its content

I’ll talk about these three steps in more detail in the next paragraphs so keep reading


How Much Does It Cost To Start Your Own Blog Business?

Certainly you ask the question, how much does it cost to make my own blog website ?

creating a successful blog or website has never been easier and more affordable!

When you follow the steps below, you do not have to pay anything other than the hosting service                                          

Keep in mind when it comes to payment: the cost of creating a blog with your own domain name can be up to $ 4 per month.

Find out what advantages you will have in terms of payment:

  • You will have a domain name you choose (like for FREE.
  • You will receive the hosting service with a 60% discount. With SiteGround
  • Payments will be made all at once per year. You will not be faced with additional or surprise payments
  • If you want to cancel your account, you will be able to obtain a refund within 30 days without asking a question.

Choose a Domain Name for your Blog

The domain is the name that appears in the address bar of a browser.

The domain is more than just an address. It’s your blog, your business, and your online identity.

It must be recognizable, easy to remember and a reliable representation of yourself and your brand.

Due to the high volume of registered domains, the name you are interested in may not be available. You can search for a combination of keywords that define the purpose of your business.

Some tips to choose the best domain name :

– Choose a clear, short and easy domain

– Make sure it’s easy to pronounce and remember

– Pay attention to the extension, Choose only available .com domain names

– Think about branding when choosing the name

– Your domain name must be unique

– check the availability of your domain

– choose a domain name related to your niche


Get a Web Hosting Plan and Register Your Domain

When you create your blog website, you want it to be accessible to everyone, quickly and easily. This is exactly the role of your hosting: allow accessibility and availability of your site on the Internet.

A web host is a computer server  allows the storage of data relating to your blog. so It is essential to have a host in order  to launch your website on internet

Shared hosting is the optimal solution for beginners , you do not need many additional features

Shared hosting is the choice of 80% of websites around  the world


Factors to consider before choosing a web host

There are a variety of different web hosting company  on the market, but the choice of appropriate web hosting depends in particular on the requirements of your blog or business.

 Web hosting must be able to meet different requirements.

To help you find the best choice, here are the most importants  Factors you need to consider when choosing a Web hosting provider include :

  • security and server  performance
  • Affordable price
  • Enough storage space
  • A free Security Certificate (SSL)
  • An excellent customer support
  • WordPresse installation in one click
  • User interface that allows easy website management.


 Best Web Host For Beginners

Finding the right web hosting offer is not an easy task due to the different web host available on the market.

I will share with you the 5 best web hosts currently available and which meet the above factors

Of course it always depends on the budget and the requirements of each person

SiteGround : fast and secure web hosting for successful personal and business  websites , trusted by the owners of 2,000,000 domains. for  6.99$/mo  get 50% discount  .                   

Read our complete SiteGround Review to find out if SiteGround is the right host for you

Bluehost : shared service delivers a powerful, proven platform that’s perfect for hosting your websites. for just $2.95/mo Save 63%

Read our complete Bluehost Review  to  get the best discount for the strongest and most efficient Hosting  

Hostinger : Start with fast web hosting.,Single Shared Hosting Ideal solution for beginners.Up to 90% OFF Web Hosting Plans

Name Sheap : Save 61% on Stellar shared hosting for Small Business and build your online presence


Choose A Blogging Platform  (WordPress)

To manage your blog and its content you  need a Content Management System

WordPress is the best blogging platform  on the world

More than 40% of websites and blogs are created with WordPress.

Many people think that creating a blog business is very complicated and requires mastery of complicated programming codes, but with the WordPress platform it is no longer necessary.

WordPress become the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, most web hosts offer an automatic installation of WordPress in a few clicks from cPanel.

  Install WordPress Plugins

Plugins are essential tools for improving certain aspects of your WordPresse site. Many of them are offered for free, but some are paid. We offer basic plugins that you must install in your WordPresse  Site

Plugins essential for your WordPress site

The next step on how to start your own blog business is installing the most important plugins . these software allows you to add important functionality to your site 

Yoast SEO : best tools to optimize your site’s seo, This plugin adds site-specific features to help improve the site’s position in search results

Akismet Anti-Spam : This is an important plugin that protects your website from spam and Automatically check and filter all comments

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights : To connect your blog to Google Analytics. It allows you to manage and customize Google Analytics tracking services on your WordPress site.

WP Super Cache : Cache plugin that compresses files and reduces their size. Significantly improves the load speed of your pages

Contact Form 7: allows you to create the contact page of your website quickly and easily.

Elementor : a page builder gives you the ability to create landing pages. Elementor offers a free and paid version, the free version is already enough to create great web page.

Easy Table of Contents : Best tool to organize and prioritize long content, and facilite navigation for visitors which improves the user experience


How to Add a Plugin to Your Site?

To add a new plugin , access to your WordPresse Control Panel and follow the steps below :

  1.  In Plugins click Add New, search for the plugin you want to install. 
  2. Click [Install Now] to install the plugin.
  3. After installation, click [Activate] to use the plugin. Activation can also be made from plugins list

 Create Content for Your Blog

  Important pages your site needs

What pages should a blog have to get started properly?

Obviously, it depends on the nature of the site and its content

it is necessary to add some important page in order to launch your site successfully

  • Home : The home page is usually the most important page in a WordPresse site It allows access to all the content of the site
  • Contact: It allows the visitor to contact the site owner, a contact page should contain:

– Email address and phone number

– Social media links

– A short contact form

  • About: Generally describes the purpose of the site and the nature of the content offered. Explains who you are, what you do and how you can help your readers
  • Blog : contains all site articles
  • Services: This is where you can sell the products and services you offer, the best tool to increase your sales


 Search Engine Optimization

This is about improving the appearance of a website in search results, so that it appears in the first results, by studying the functioning of search engines and the factors affecting the ranking of your site.

If you want to start your own blog and get paid with , you need to make sure that people visit those sites and are encouraged to buy something through your link.

in order to learn How to  Optimize your Seo Ranking  for search engines,there are some various aspects you need to consider.


Optimize Content: Provide high-quality content, your content should cover all of a readers’s questions, problems and needs on this topic . Use a focus keyword and optimize your content for this word

Optimize Images: Your photos should be small and load quickly, add an Alt attribute for each image

Optimize The title: must contain your focus keyword, must have a strong meaning, The title must offer added value for the visitor to click on his link

Optimize Meta Description: The meta description describes the purpose of your page. Google will display it in search results to help people find the right result. The meta description should include your keyword it must briefly explain the subject of your page

Optimize Links: Your pages must be linked to each other. external links also indicate that your content has a high quality and strengthens your position

Mobile-friendly site: Google is now testing whether your site is mobile-friendly. Responsive improves your  SEO  ranking

The page loading speed: is also an important element that affects your google position. Make sure your website is displayed quickly and the visitor gets the information they want right away.

To check your loading speed visit PageSpeed Insights tool provided by Google: 

 Promote Your Blog

to make a successful blog website, you need to have interested readers in your content.

But … How can you reach them?

You must use visibility techniques, especially at the beginning, because SEO will not be profitable until at least 6 months.

Nevertheless, I will share the 3 main sources of traffic.

  • SEO: it’s visits from Google, Bing … ,Organic traffic (also called natural) corresponds to the number of visitors from a search engine
  • Social networks: Creating an audience around your Facebook or Twitter accounts will be very important to get new visits. Share all your articles in your profiles and in groups related to your topic to attract more visitors
  • Natural Backlink : these are all links that ” point” to your page, so the goal is to try to get backlinks from reputable sites to improve your site’s SEO in search engines

finally, to start your own blog business ,the process is very long  you have to provide time and effort.

You may be overwhelmed when you read so much information first, but I advise you to follow this guide step by step. Then  you will be able to launch your blog and you only start making money, that’s what we’ll explain in the next paragraph

How To Create A Blog And Get Paid

There are many ways to make money with your blog. You will be able to get a source of income from your blog, but it is essential to allocate sufficient time and effort

Here are the four most popular methods to start making money from your blog

Affiliate Marketing: With affiliate marketing, it is not important to create your own product, because you advertise the products of others. The affiliate receives a commission each time the buyer clicks on his affiliate  link and buys the product

Google Adsense Banner Ads: AdSense is a Google advertising program that lets you advertise on your blog. Google Adsense pays you each time a user clicks on an ad on your page.

Sponsored articles: Write an article reviewing a product or service of a company and receive a commission in return. you must indicate that this article is sponsored To ensure transparency with your readers

Sell your own products or services: you have special skills, you can sell them and earn money. Offer courses and training

To  learn how to monetize your website check my article about 5 way to Make money from your blog in 2020



The most popular and successful blogs are created by people who are very interested in the topic they write about. They are sincere and passionate about the idea of publishing.

They know that running a blog is an investment that will give them a greater return in the long run through hard and continuous work

Creating online businesses requires time and effort

If you want to to start your own blog business and get paid with 

Do it ! Don’t let anxiety or budget constraints stop you,

Start ! Because even with a small budget, your project can be sucessful .

Enjoy your blog




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