SiteGround Hosting : Speed,Security and PLans

SiteGround Hosting : Speed,Security and PLans

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If you only know one name in today’s web hosting, “SiteGround” is most likely that name.  Like any popular online business, SiteGond has its  happy and unhappy  customers. 

For 5 years, SiteGround has done a great job It is among the fastest growing hosting companies, Its name has been mentioned in every post related to hosting on social networks

SiteGround, based in Bulgaria, started offering services in 2014, With more than one million sites created via The SiteGround Hosting .  It provides powerful and exclusive tools for experienced web developers, as well as an easier hosting experience for beginners

SiteGround Pros & Cons


Excellent server performance – 100% availability high speed
– You can Choose your server locations on three continents
– Recommended by
– Easy setting and SSL encryption
– You Save 60% on your first SiteGround purchase
– Excellent response from other users
– Best customer support                                                                                                                                          


– The prices are quite high, but it is in relation to the best quality of service
– Limited resources in terms of storage capacity
– The price of hosting increases after the first bill


In this article, I’ll review the most important features of SiteGround, server speed, customer support and pricing plans to help you decide before registering for SiteGround hosting

This is a complete and detailed guide containing all the information necessary for those who want to guarantee security and performance for their website and I will answer questions such as.

  • How much does hosting cost?
  • What is the difference between StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek?
  • Can I choose a server location
  • What is the best plan for WordPress sites ?
  • What are they doing to speed up my site?
  • Does it come with an SSD? What about CDN and SSL?
  • Will they help me transfer my site to SiteGround?
  • What is their SuperCacher WordPress plugin for?

SiteGround : About the company

SiteGround is one of the largest hosting recommended on many blogs and websites, including the official WordPress website, SiteGround known for its performance, fast loading time, availability and good customer support.


The Society was founded in 2004 by university friends. It claims to host more than 2,000,000 domains. SiteGround offers many Hosting Services: WP shared, WooCommerce managed, dedicated and cloud hosting… All customers receive a free SSL certificate and CloudFlare CDN.

Its offices are available in five different countries: Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Fast servers around the world

I always insist on a hosting to be reliable and fast, because any downtime on your website can affect the way how users  and investors see your brand.

That’s why SiteGround’s hosting impressed me because they are able to maintain 100% continuous availability and make Your Website Load Faster


SiteGround can load your site 4x faster

Speed is king in web hosting,  and Time is money

SiteGround understands this very well and has done its homework using a combination of software and hardware to keep websites fast!

Using SSD on all their servers. If you’re not familiar with SSDs, these are basically hard drives that provide data very quickly – up to 30% faster than normal hard drives.

slow websites are classified as unprofessional and unreliable, studies have shown that if the page does not load in 3 seconds , users are more likely to leave your site

For this reason, SiteGround has optimized its caching system with its own SuperCacher, which means the data is stored in the system RAM so that it can access the requested information more faster  and send it in the most efficient way.

SiteGround uses specific technologies to reduce page load time for its customers:

  • SiteGround infrastructure is based on Google Cloud with an SSD and an ultra-fast network.
  • SSD drives are much faster than regular drives
  • NGINX web server technology speeds up the loading of content in your site
  • Web caching is the SuperCacher mechanism, which relies on the NGINX reverse proxy to ensure better optimization of site speed.

The Free Content Distribution Network (CDN) and the included HTTP / 2 and PHP7 servers speed up downloads around the world and making your content more accessible. SiteGround regularly updates its technologies to follow the evolution


High performance security server

Website security is important and SiteGround offers a variety of more reliable security tools and secure infrastructure

SiteGround uses Guardian, the best server monitoring tool to detect servers and send alerts when something goes wrong

Here are some of the security features

  • The hosting server is completely isolated from other users. This guarantees that your site will not be affected if any of the other sites on your server are compromised. No other user can affect the overall performance of the website through server resources.
  • SiteGround offers full data encryption with HTTPS technology and SSL certificates
  • Customers benefit from their regularly updated Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect your site from security vulnerabilities
  • SiteGround also runs regular viruses scans on your site and sends reports to notify you of the results
  • SiteGround HackAlert monitoring keeps an eye on your site as soon as an attack is detected


SiteGround Support and Customer Satisfaction

Excellent customer support is the proof of a hosting credibility, and SiteGround’s support team will certainly exceeds expectations.

SiteGround is a company that makes customer service a priority, and this is reflected in their feedback and customer loyalty. Getting help from the SiteGround team is always easy – whether by live chat, email, or phone call

Whenever we encounter a problem we first contact the live chat team. The answer is never long and our problems are usually resolved quickly.

For their competitor, the average response time to a support request is 44 minutes, but the SiteGround response time is only eight minutes.


They offer 3 ways to get support:

  • Real-time chat support avec an immediate response
  • 24 Hour HotlineAvailable 24 hours a day and you will receive an instant response.
  • By sending a ticket, you will receive a reply in less than 10 minutes – and this response time will be even less if you have paid for one of their priority services


New SiteGround Users: save 66% on Their first bill

When you sign up for SiteGround, you will receive a 66% discount on your first bill for any hosting plan. Given that the standard siteGround price is $11.95/month for their Startup plan and $19/month for their GrowBig plan, a 60% discount of both is absolutely the best thing


SiteGround Hosting : Special Price

The initial cost of SiteGround is cheap and high in value, but then you need to check the renewal fee. WordPress and WooCommerce hosting offer the same basic package at the same price. However, special rates apply only during the first registration . Renewal rates increase significantly.

In addition, if you use a monthly payment plan, you will be charged installation fees.

SiteGround startup plans are still very affordable. However, the GrowBig and GoGeek plans are slightly expensive compared to competitors and there is no unlimited hosting, so you plan to host multiple sites or resell, SiteGround is one of the cheapest options for l hosting unlimited sites.

In addition, if you use a monthly payment plan, you will be charged an installation fee.

SiteGround’s start-up plans are always very affordable. However, the GrowBig and GoGeek plans are slightly expensive compared to competitors and there is no unlimited you plan to host multiple sites or resell, SiteGround is one of the cheapest options for hosting unlimited sites.

Cancellation and refund During the first 30 days

With a 30-day money back guarantee, you can try the SiteGround hosting service for free. This is a very standard policy, but if you have a monthly plan, you will have to pay for the installation fee

However, the reason I like SiteGround’s refund policy is that you can get a refund without canceling your account and asking for help.

MultiPurpose Hosting : which Plan is Best for you?

SiteGround is an extended platform that provides a variety of hosting services to different types of users and plans for each level

Pricing levels range from cheaper shared web hosting prices to cloud hosting servers. Let’s be honest: most of us need a normal web hosting rate, everything else doesn’t make sense until later for a large company.


Shared hosting : Special Price 66% OFF

All shared hosting plans come with a free MySQLun CDN CloudFlare database, cPanel, unlimited traffic, 30 day money back guarantee, 24/7 support, free daily backup, free email account and a free website builder

Shared hosting is one of the most common options for beginners looking for a cheap solution with high quality features to start their website or online store.


Startup – Ideal For Beginners  3.95 $/Month.

  • 10,000 visits per month
  • 10 GB of storage space
  • One website
  • Back up and restore for free every day
  • Free SSL – Provided for all plans
  • Automatic updates of apps and plugin

GrowBig  – Suitable when The Number Of Users Grows  5.95 $/Months

  • 25,000 visits per month
  • 20 GB of storage space
  • Several websites
  • Free backup restore
  • SuperCacher
  • Best Custmer support
  • Free site migration

GoGeek – Great Plan For Small Business 11.95$/Months

  • 100,000 visits per month
  • 30 GB of storage space
  • Several websites
  • Free backup restore
  • SuperCacher
  • Best Technical Support
  • Free site migration
  • Free backup restore
  • Prepare Joomla and WordPress
  • PCI compatible server


 Cloud Hosting

However, if you are looking for advanced solutions such as daily backups, SuperCacher systems and improved availability on your WordPress site, you may prefer cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting with ultra-fast features is optimized for business projects.  Sites are managed on multiple network servers to improve performance and  provides additional server resources when traffic increases

SiteGround Cloud hosting offers 4 plans, the user can choose the plan that best suits his needs and budge

  • Entry : 80$  per month for 2 CPU cores, 40 GB of SSD space, 4 GB of Memory and     5TB data transfer
  • Business :120$ per month for 3 CPU cores, 60 GB of SSD space, 6 GB of Memory and  5TB of data transfer
  • Business Plus : 160 $  per month for 4 CPU cores, 80 GB of SSD space, 8 GB Memory and  5TB for data transfer
  • Super Power : 240$  per month ,120 GB of SSD space, 8 CPU cores, 10 GB of memory and  10TB for data transfer

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting allows you to go beyond basic web hosting for beginners and access advanced tools. dedicated web hosting offers the best availability with a dedicated data center, one-click download

Dedicated hosting is a special solution for large companies, often attracting thousands of visitors each month. Data centers are not shared with others, which reduces downtime and increases website speed


Another cool feature provided by SiteGround dedicated hosting is that it allows you to choose the location of your servers. For example, you can choose between Europe, America and Asia. Ideally, we recommend that you choose the server closest to your visitors  location

Dedicated hosting provides a complete server with additional tools to improve  overall performance. You can choose from 3 dedicated plans

Entry Server:  269$ /month for the Intel Exon EX-1230 SSD, 4 CPU cores, 3.20 GHz processor speed, 16GB of DDR3 RAM, 8MB CPU cache, 480GB SSD, 10TB bandwidth.

Power Server: 349$/month for the Intel Exon SSD E5-2630.2×6 CPU cores, 2.00 GHz processor speed, 32GB of DDR3 RAM, 8MB CPU cache, 960GB SSD, 10TB bandwidth

Super Power Server: 729$/month for the Intel Exon EX-1230 SSD, 2×12 CPU cores, 3.20 GHz processor speed, 16GB of DDR3 RAM, 15MB CPU cache, 2×960 GB SSD in RAID1, 10TB bandwidth


WordPress Hosting

WordPresse hosting is one of the personalized packages offered by SiteGround ,Choosing WordPress hosting allows you to take advantage of various interesting features that facilitate the management of your WP account.

SiteGround hosting is recommended by WordPress as an expert host. In addition, the prices of different plans have good value compared to many other brands on the market today

SiteGround offers the same basic plan as shared hosting for WordPress hosting, so you can mainly use the same features. However, there are special additional features for WordPress users:


  • One-click installation: a simple feature allows you to integrate your WordPress site with a cPanel dashboard on one click.
  • Automatic updates: SiteGround provides automatic updates to all WordPress software
  • Free WP Migrator: a plugin help you to mov your WordPress site from any other hosting to your SiteGround account.

SiteGround : Customer Rating

We know that the quality of any online service is based primarily on the evaluation of customers and users, and SiteGround is considered the number one in this field, the reputation of the company allows it to constantly receive positive evaluations of its clients. so i’m going to share a few customer reviews and rating





Siteground Hosting :what We Recommand ?

SiteGround is one of the most recognized names in the web hosting industry and offers a hard-to-beat combination of exceptional performance and impeccable customer service. Despite their  high prices, they offer great rates for new users.

If you are one of those looking for a best hosting solution, SiteGraounde is perfect for you

Siteground is currently the best host for me, I do not understand why other hosts do not move here, after all, it is a serious competitor who will receive large market shares in the coming years.

SiteGround is a hosting that works much better in terms of speed, performance, security and basic hosting features. If speed and site security are more important to you, then you should pay a little more and use SiteGround.





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