Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung was one of the first companies to launch real wireless headphones. These headphones were supposed to be high-tech headphones

Samsung added some improvements to its headphones Galaxy buds through the new version (Galaxy buds plus), to keep up with the development in the wireless headphones market and to ensure its continuity in front of major competitors such as Apple and Huawei

unboxing of Samsung Galagxy buds

After Apple’s AirPods became popular, Samsung changed direction and returned with the Galaxy Buds +, a more affordable competitor, with a small and elegant design, the possibility of charging them via the fast USB port or via wireless charging As well as the battery life which reaches 11 hours of continuous work

Buds Plus Design

In terms of appearance, little has changed between the first generation Galaxy Buds and the Buds +.

The design doesn’t look any different from the existing Galaxy Buds, but it seems to keep the same design as before.


The new Samsung headphones are available in different colors: Black, White, cloud Blue and Red makes it easy to find a color according to your style, but as usual, I prefer black in everything, I have never found a color better than black.

to keep them secure in your ear. Samsung has equipped the earphones with subtle and interchangeable wing tips at the top of each ear.

Comparison betwen Galagxy buds et buds plus

his is galaxy buds plus Samsung second-generation galaxy buds compared to the older buds it has two speakers three instead of two mics better ambient sound 11 hour battery life

galaxy buds plus comes in a box inside the box will greet with a USBC cable extra ear tips and wing tips and the buds plus in it’s wirelessly chargeable case  the charging case for buds plus is the same as the previous one which means you can charge them in whatever case you like the only difference is budsPlus this case is built much better .

 even though there are major differences on the inside buds and buds plus look identical however a pair of buds plus is 2 grams heavier than buds


One of the top attractions for using the Galaxy Buds + is the Gear mobile app that you download from the Play Store. It is basically the headphone control center. It provides an overview of the battery level for each earphone, as well as adjusting the surrounding noise and sound file.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Ambient Sound


The headset allows tactile control, as with these types of headphones. You can play and pause the song with a single touch,Press twice to move on to the next song, answer or finish the call. By pressing three times, you can switch to the previous song or hold down the various functions you’ve set.

You can make these definitions via the Galaxy Wearable software of the headset. For example, you can activate voice control, use ambient sound, or quickly access Spotify. The choice is yours.

Sound Quality


In order to improve call quality, which was considered the biggest criticism of the last Galaxy buds which had two microphones installed, this Galaxy buds Plus is equipped with three microphones two outside and one microphone inside.

Samsung Galagxy buds plus design




This one is equipped with a technology that distinguishes environmental noise and human voice, so I am convinced that it will provide a considerably improved experience through the use of products equipped with these existing technologies


Galaxy buds plus case

The ambient sound is a system that allows you to be environmentally conscious while listening to music, and that you can hear the sounds of the environment. If you set the ambient sound to a high level, you hear more of the surrounding sounds and if you set it to a low level, you hear less again. So if you want to listen to music and interact with your environment, you can strike that balance.



When listening to music using Buds Plus, you can feel the high level of balance. The previous version, Buds, also offered sound quality , but if you belong to the high tone, Buds Plus is a more attractive option.

Battery life

the Galaxy Buds Plus can also stand out through the improvement of the battery life which lasts up to 11 hours, an excellent value which clearly dwarfs most competitors such as the Apple AirPods (2nd generation, around 5 hours).

In real-world daily tests, with our typical usage of around two hours a day, we barely exhausted the battery during a working week. So certainly at 10 hours. We have no doubt that if you want, you can easily listen to music for a whole working day without having to put the Buds +  in the case to recharge them.


Each Galaxy Buzz earpiece was equipped with a 58 mAh battery. However, each of the new Galaxy Buzz Plus earphones has an 85mAh battery, which confirms that the battery capacity has improved considerably. In fact, while the Galaxy Buzz has a continuous play time of 6 hours, the Galaxy Buzz Plus can enjoy continuous play up to 11 hours.

However, it is convenient to complete the case. You can use a C-cable, like the one provided with your Samsung (or Android) smartphone. Or there’s a wireless charge, so just put the case on a wireless charger and it will fill up again.


No matter the quality of the product, you can’t buy it if you exceed the budget you can afford, the Galaxy Buds Plus is for $ 149, $ 39 more than the 110$ of the Galaxy Buds, although various practical features have been added and the sound quality and battery capacity have been significantly improved. The price is said to have been formed at a relatively low price compared to the significant improvement in performance and quality.



As a result, Galaxy Buds has become a model of wireless headphones that we love for its design, its general use.

 I’m more comfortable listening to music, especially with this type of headphones. However, open headphones are more convenient for making intensive phone calls the choice will vary depending on your usage and your personal tastes.

 Galaxy Buds – offers ideal use. Although its compatibility with iOS and battery life are among the things we like, the lack of active noise suppression function and the fact that it is not completely water resistant are among the weak points. So if you’re still considering a fully wireless earpiece, the Galaxy Buzz Plus is a good choice. End.







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