Google Home Mini Review: Why it’s worth buying

Google Home Mini Review: Why it’s worth buying

The smart speakers are becoming more commonplace in the home since Amazon launched its smart speaker Echo Dot in 2014. Later in 2016, Google also joined the fray by coming up with the new smart Google Home speaker called Google Home Mini.

A smart speaker that is equipped with Google Assistant to let you control your music using your voice. It is not limited to playing music, additionally, it can be utilized to stream movies and shows across your television, smart control devices and answerable to all sorts of questions.

In this detailed Google Home Mini review, you will see what’s Google Mini Brings to the table, or is it worth a place in your home. Read the Google Home Mini Review carefully to find out the answer to all the questions.

Google Home Mini Design Review:-

Undoubtedly Google Home Mini seems attractive and the use of fabric material makes it more appealing.

Google Home Mini comes in four tasteful colors: Chalk(light grey), Charcoal(dark grey), Coral(faded pink), and aqua(bluish-green).

It is very small in size and can be easily fit anywhere in the room. That presents it as the best smart speaker.

Four LED lights are placed beneath the fabric and remain hidden until you say words like “HeyGoogle” or “Ok Google” or decrease or increase the volume level.

With Google Home Mini, Google works hard to keep things minimal. You won’t be able to see any interruptions on the smooth curve of Google Home Mini except the Micro-USB port and switch to disable voice detection.

How to Setup Google Home Mini:-

Google keeps the step-up process quite simple, you just need to connect the Google Home Speaker with the Google Home application, available for both Android and iOS users.

Once the Google Home Mini is connected with the app, it will prompt you to follow step by step instructions to complete the setup.

You can also enable voice recognition to make sure that your personal information won’t be accessed by any unauthorized person.

Google Home Mini Features:-

Google Home Mini features make it a perfect rival of Amazon Echo Dot. Google Home Mini is getting smarter and can do a lot of things for you.
You can ask any random question to Google Home Mini, and it will search the web to get the answer. You can instruct the Google Home Speaker to solve your math problems, give you a brief news update or weather report, additionally, you can also set alarms and reminders.

Google Home Mini can also make calls to landline as well as mobiles too. It takes the help of Google contacts stored on your phones to make calls.

With the accessibility of the Chromecast feature, you can display your mobile photos and videos on the big screen, utilizing the voice command.

You can also ask Google Home Mini to give you the direction of particular locations, in reply you will hear step by step directions. To make finding locations more convenient, it will display the search results in the app as well.

Google Home Mini Features has changed a lot since its initial launch. Additional features are also introduced by Google through the software updates.

Google Home Mini Sound Quality:-

Google Home Mini is primarily introduced as the speaker, it is essential to deliver the best sound quality, and surprisingly it does so. The sound quality seems satisfactory to fill an average size room with amazing sound.

Google Home Mini offers 360 degrees sound that makes it perfect for hearing the sound in every corner of the room.

You can cast music on Google Home Mini either using the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Most people favor using Google Smart Speaker as a Bluetooth speaker. Because playing music on Wi-Fi requires more effort and is quite buggy also.

Google Home Mini Price:-

Google Home Mini price starts from £49- by observing its competitor prices seems a decent price.

If you put in some effort then you can get Google Home Mini Deals at a much cheaper price on the web or even at the official store.

Google Home Mini can do several cool things that make a difference every day. Maybe that’s the reason why Google Smart Speakers are becoming more popular than ever. They come with a decent price tag, so you can get a separate speaker for each room.

Final Take:-

Most of the people seem concerned about deciding between Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot. Home Mini is the preferred choice for those who use most of the Google services such as Google Music. Also, the wide database of the Google search engine will provide a more relevant answer to your queries.

However, if you’re not obsessed with Google service then you also have the option to go for Amazon Echo Do. It is expensive in comparison to Home Mini but offers more compatibility across home products and services then Home Mini.

Also, If you’re running short of the cash then you tend to purchase Google Home Mini. If budget is not an issue then you can go for Amazon Echo Dot.

Google Home Mini is small yet powerful enough to act as the hub of your smart home. If you’re attractive toward the smart home then Google Home Mini can help you to do so.

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