Google Chromecast Review

Google Chromecast Review

What Is Google ChromeCast?


Google ChromeCast enables you to convert your television to a smart TV by broadcasting

Or streaming to most Multimedia types like And videos from YouTube, Netflix, Google Play, Google Photos, and others If it is your TV or projector

You can connect Google Chromecast to HDMI and streaming from your phone or laptop on the TV in an easy and fast way. Google Chromecast Ultra does not distinguish from the previous models because it supports 4K and HDR videos, and it is possible to reach on



How to use Google Chromecast ? Chromecast  setup

set up of google cromecast


Before we start, we need to download an app Google Home from Google Store or iTunes once the application is opened

We will find that Google Home discovered a new device.We pressed add new device. We continue the process. Serve the current home The program will start trying to recognize Chromecast. When the search process is completed, the program will send a code to the TV and the connection will be made automatically

After this, you specify the location of the device, and in this case you choose Family Room This is almost the last step in the setup process before the connection process.

We’ll click Finish, and the chromecast is ready for streaming or casting.

And to clarify the meaning of casting: it is the process of broadcasting and displaying sound, image or any other content from the mobile or computer on the TV

Try with you now, an example of YouTube streaming. When you turn on YouTube, the  i-ICON appears above as a TV, after clicking on it, the new Chromecast will appear What we added as Family Room TV.

 When we choose it, the video will start streaming On TV, with high quality, excellent purity, and great picture, even if you click on a video again Choose to add it to queue so that it plays after the end of the current video


The third-generation chromecast Features


Google Chromecast is one of the previous mainstream devices to take advantage of this

By offering a fast and easy way to broadcast video and audio to your TV, the third-generation Google Chromecast has three-year support


This generation of chromecast is 15% faster than the previous version which helps to support streams of up to 1080p video at 60 frames per second a step up from last year’s 1080p at 30 frames per second or 720p at 60 frames per second

Bluetooth has long been a requested feature among fans of the  Google chromecast specifically to enable connections with wireless headphones or Bluetooth speakers unfortunately we still don’t have that here in this latest generation so you’ll have to rely on your TV’s built-in audio connectivity for such things

otherwise, we have dual-band Wi-Fi onboard with a micro USB port for power and of course a built-in HDMI cable with consumer electronics control this is the magic that enables Chromecast to turn on or off your compatible TVs you can also now include the Chromecast and speaker groups with Chromecast enabled speakers a feature omitted from the previous generation this is an excellent option which enables your soundbar or home theater setup to become part of your whole home speaker group or simply play your music wirelessly from your phone in groups

we found that the Chromecast lagged behind other speakers in the group creating a delay luckily this is easily remedied in the Google Home app via the group delay correction setting something we’re very happy to find using the Chromecast to stream media is as easy as tapping a button on your phone by now most popular media streaming apps have bill

in support for Chromecast across both iOS and Android making a connection as quick and easy as possible

Android users also have the ability to cast their device to the google Chromecast mirroring the devices display and playing audio from it as well unfortunately and predictably this isn’t supported on iOS devices as usual computer users need to use the Google Chrome browser to cast their computer screens and of course this only cast the web browser know mirroring for the desktop or other applications

there’s not much more we could ask for other than perhaps an on/off button to control the TV since it does harness the power to do so the chromecast isn’t a complex device and as such it’s pleasing and sensible that the companion app is similarly simple and easy to use



Google’s third generation chromecast improves on our already solid foundation

streaming video and audio to your TV is what the chromecast does and has only

become faster and better at doing it with chromecast compatibility at its highest it’s never been easier to open a media streaming app like Netflix or Spotify tap the cast button and watch as your TV comes to life imbued with your favorite media even better now is the

ability to include the chromecast and a group of chromecast enabled speakers making your precious downbar or home theater setup part of your whole home audio setup or just an easy to stream to music player these are all great easy to use experiences which simply offer the

best most well supported cross-platform functionality for streaming media doing so at the very amenable price of $35 there under Google home Mini which can often be found in a bundle for $50 essentially making the chromecast free and now you’ve added voice control to

the whole thing with or without the mini though the chromecast proves year after year to be the best device to stream media



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