Drive Traffic To Your Website For Free – 5 Best Ways

Drive Traffic To Your Website For Free – 5 Best Ways

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When you first started reading this article, you probably have a website and want to know how to drive traffic to your website? what are the best ways  to drive traffic to your website ? and the tools that can help you  improve your search engine ranking in order to earn money

When I started online I had the same problem and I didn’t know what to do or how to drive  traffic to my site for free? ,I found it extremely difficult to rank in the search results with a new website

Website traffic is the source of your online success. Having a website or a store is not enough to be successful on online business, you need to have visitors and traffic to your website.

Today I am gonna  show you the best ways to get free traffic to your website, This article lists all the best practices that work to increase your website traffic .by following these methods your website will rank in the top of Google search results

Drive Traffic To Your Website Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Traffic especially comes from search engines results like Google, Bing, Yahoo …

The goal of any blogger or content creator is to have a website that drives organic traffic through search engines

In order to drive traffic to your website you need to improve the technical factors directly related to your website

This includes, for example,

  • optimize image size
  • Fast loading time
  • Optimize your site for Mobile devices
  • Ensure the internal link between the pages of your website
  • Use a site map for your website

you need to provide relevant and interesting content for potential visitors to your website

In order to drive more traffic to your website and To help Google better understand your content you must also optimize the content of your web pages.

Google is continuously improving its reboots in order to provide appropriate and useful answers to Internet users

Searching for Relevant and Less Competitive Keywords is Very Important to drive traffic to your website, with Google  keyword planner tool you can find important key search terms and see their monthly search frequency and their level of competition

When optimizing your keywords, make sure the number of keywords is between 1% and 2% MAX based on the content. It is also necessary to use H1, H2, H3 and ensure that your texts are unique in order to attract potential traffic

OnPage optimization

If you allow comments and reviews on your website pages you help improve your website ranking and increase the trust of other visitors then you drive traffic to your website

Try to create as much relevant content for each page, texts that add value to your visitors,

You should know that Google measures the time that visitors spend on your website, If Internet users quickly leave your pages this indicates to Google that your website is not relevant or you are using text with more than the average number of keywords, and as a result Google penalizes you and you lose your ranking and your Website traffic

Image optimization is also an important thing can help you  improve your website ranking use  a  file names that include keywords and meta descriptions, Optimize your images size to ensure the fast loading of your pages and increase  your website traffic

1.CTR Optimization

CTR Measures the click-through rate on your pages in search results

A high CTR means that your content attracts  users so it is ranked higher in search engines.

In order to drive traffic to your website and generate a higher click-through rate in search results, it is essential to provide content with attractive titles and a short and appropriate meta description.

2.Choose Long Tail Keyword

Choosing long-tail keywords is a important  factor in one page optimization can help you  drive traffic to your website

Long tail keywords are all keywords that contain more than 3 words, they usually have a lower search volume compared to more generic keywords

Long tail keywords can bring you a lot of traffic as they have less competition, it is easy to rank in Google results with a long tail keyword ,on the other hand the most generic keywords are characterized by very high competition and more authority so it is difficult to position yourself with a new website

3.Use Attractive Titles

Choosing attractive titles is the best techniques to drive more traffic to your website, it increases the CTR which is a crucial factor to improve your SEO position.

A high CTR rate shows that you got more clicks on your pages which tells Google that your content has a  great value for users  so it improves its ranking

Therefore, I recommend you optimize the titles of your pages so that they are attractive and entice users to click, then your CTR automatically increases as well as your position in search engines

OffPage Optimization

Off-page optimization is part of search engine optimization that help you improve your online presence

off-page optimization includes all of the metrics used to influence a website’s ranking. The most important factors for off-page optimization are backlinks, social signs and a good brand marketing.

off-page optimization allows a website to increase its level of awareness and attract quality website traffic

1.Link building

A link is a recommendation from a user that shows that a web page brings them something good

link building is the first factor in off page optimization. This is used to make the website as popular as possible on the internet it helps drive traffic to your website

Search engines prefer the website that creates backlinks organically because it offers high quality content and users link the page voluntarily.

Methods such as buying or exchanging links are totally forbidden by google and impact the ranking and indexing of your website

Google evaluate and analyze each backlinks through several factors like the link text and its position and the strength of the linked website

2.Social signals

Social signals are considered as an indirect ranking factor point from social media to a website.These are social interactions such as comments, likes and shares on social networks or reviews of Blog posts.

Social media can help you drive traffic to your website and  rank well and attract more potential visitors , so  you need a social media presence.

Signals on social networks and blogs impact your ranking in Google and attract the attention of users

There are some useful tools to analyze your off-page optimization, many of them are free, some are paid. Semrush, ahrefs and Google’s The Search Console are very useful to help you boost your website visibility in search engines


Website traffic: Offer Added Value To Your Visitors

To increase your website traffic it is important to provide readers with a relevant content and additional high value tips and advice, so customers will be happy and satisfied with your content because it meets their needs.

Then your visitors automatically recommend your blog Content  to other users which help  you increase your website traffic

offer content that solves your customers problems, Because any customer will be more grateful if you provide them with a solution to their problems through your content.

Offer quality articles to stand out from the competition in order to  drive traffic  to your website and increase your rankings in  search engine

High quality content helps increase your website traffic and build trust with your potential customers because they see that you are an expert in your field and you are already selling something relevant

A lot of relevant content optimizes your website for search engines and brings you a lot of organic traffic and you can also generate passive income from your blog posts over the long term.

Website traffic – Social media

Over 3 billion people use social media every day around the world. This is a great opportunity to drive free traffic to your website.

Social networks provide you with free traffic that is independent of Google. It is an effective tool for nurturing relationships with your potential customers and increasing traffic to your website

In order to be successful in your social media marketing, you need to build a corresponding fan base, this implies a great marketing effort in terms of creativity and advertising campaign to convert your customers.

you can also find potential customers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that they will seriously consider your products or services without asking you directly

Social media helps you build awareness with people and get more and more subscribers so that a large number of people can see your posts and lead them to visit your site.

Website Traffic: Email Marketing

Email Marketing Can Be An Additional Effective Tool To Drive Traffic To Your Website

nowadays everyone uses at least one email; it is more popular than social media. a targeted Email list allows you to connect directly with your audience and send your offers in order to obtain the greatest number of conversions

suppose you have a list of 1000 contact email addresses, that means you will have 1000 possible users to notify whenever you write a new article or want to sell a new product

There are several techniques that can help build a good mailing list.

Here are some tips for you.

  • Include a registration form in your blog; a simple and clearly visible form that prompts users to subscribe
  • the use of pop-ups that automatically appear on your site and attract useres attention while browsing
  • a promise to offer a certain service or gift (a coupon, an electronic book, online training, etc.) for any customer subscribed to the newsletter. Which allows you to collect their email addresses faster

Website traffic – Google Ads

Google Ads is the most ideal tool for drive traffic to your website in the short term. this is a paid option and refers to advertisements displayed in Google search results

Google Ads allows you to buy traffic to your website and you pay every time a customer clicks on your site in search results, either he  buys or leaves your website You pay in any case.

Google Ads works like an auction , starts Every time a customer searches on Google. the more you optimize the quality of your Ads (ad text, keywords and target page) the more your ad appears at the top of search results

It’s completely free to sign up for a Google Ads account. On the other hand you have to pay to use it.You can start a campaign yourself or hire an expert to set it up for you


In this article, we have listed Top 5 Methods That Can Help You drive Traffic to your Website Either Organic or Paid and we shared detailed and practical information to increase your website traffic

SEO allows you to drive traffic to your website over the long term, while paid traffic through Google Ads or social media provides more immediate traffic.

There are several other ways to increase website traffic. To ensure the success of your online business, it is essential to first clearly define your strategy and set the objectives to be achieved. Therefore, it is important to set goals, so that you can then create an appropriate strategy to concrete results..




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