Bluehost :Top Hosting Solution In 2020

Bluehost :Top Hosting Solution In 2020

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Getting started with your own website can be want to sign up for a web hosting. an adapted and affordable hosting  provider

Bluehost (the Top hosting platforms in the world) does a good job of balancing prices and features for beginners and also offers many hosting plans  for experienced administrators.

In this review we will present the pros of one of the most popular hosting. you will discover bluehost hosting plans and how it can help you save time and money when creating your site online

so you can know if Bluehost is the right option for your online project or if you need to consider something else.

 Pros of  Bluehost

  • hosting from $ 2.95 / month
  • 99,99% availability of your site
  • Recommended by
  • best user interface panel
  • Best security with Cloudflare, sitelock and two-factor authentication
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Best customer support available 24/7
  • Free domain name and WordPress installation
  • Free SSL certificate

Cons of Bluehost

  • Higher renewal rate, it is recommended to obtain 36 / month at $ 2.95 / month
  • Transfer from the site to Bluehost is $ 149 for people who change host
  • No free automatic backup
  • Loading times can be slow


Disclaimer: Please note that we use affiliate links in this review,which means if you buy something through our affiliate link we get a commission

It does not influence our way of evaluating a product or supplier. We only recommend tools that we really support. There is of course no additional charge for you! However, you are helping us and this project. Thank you

A Brief Overview of Bluehost

Bluehost is a web hosting company founded in 2003 and located in Salt Lake City, UT. It is one of the 20 top hosting in the world. Over 2 million websites worldwide created by Bluehost

The experience acquired over all these years has allowed Bluehost to become one of the most established web hosting companies in the world. Bluehost a reputable and reliable company that offers a very powerful and affordable web hosting package.

  • one of the largest web hosting companies in the world. It is a part of the web hosting services officially recommended by WordPress since 2006.
  • Supported payment methods – all via Visa and MasterCard payment systems, as well as PayPal.
  • Bluehost offers a WordPress platform Adapted to WordPress users, with dashboards and tools centered on WordPress
  • one-click installation, FREE domain name, email, FTP, FREE SSL certificate included, support for live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • BlueHost offers website hosting plans that adapt to all levels of expertise from shared hosting, VPS hosting to dedicated hosting.
  • Fully unlimited hosting available (corresponding price) cPanel control panel and support for PHP and MySQL technologies.
  • Dans cette revue BlueHost, vous trouverez de bonnes et de mauvaises choses sur cette société d’hébergement populaire.


Personnel expérience

Firstly , Bluehost and WordPress are a perfect combination in creating a website, which can install in one click, so this is my main reason for choosing Bluehost hosting

Second, the price is cheap. 2.75 USD per month for a shared plan. Bluehost provides 7×24 hour customer service, a free domain name for the first year, free SSL certificate, backup and very advanced security measures.

I started using Bluehost in 2017. So, in the last 2 years of use, I have really felt the performance (average loading time and availability) of this shared hosting plan, ranked first in the world.

Best Features and Pros of Bluehost

Security is relatively high

Bluehost takes security seriously. They offer SpamAssassin, Spam Hammer and Spam Experts to protect your site from attack. With two-factor authentication (2FA) settings, you can rest easy knowing that no one can log into your Bluehost account without having access to your phone.

Although the price of Bluehost is very low but they do not lack key features, this is a very important first point. By default, it also provides many good security options, including free SSL certificate

Also for all types of hosting, The company provides a SiteLock tool to protect your site against malware and the CodeGuard tool to schedule daily automatic backups of your site and provide points to restore your site data to to deal with violations.

A Free SSL certificates

All Bluehost plans have an SSL certificate SSL certificates encrypt the connections of your visitors and verify the data transmitted between the server and visitors.

SSL certificates ensure the security of your site. He also recognized that Google prioritizes sites using SSL in search results.

Review of New Bluehost Security Features + Details

Bluehost has one of the best security features available. SSL certificates are now standard features in all Bluehost hosting plans.

Token Account Validation Validate your identity when you contact technical support by providing a randomly generated token. This code will allow you to demonstrate that you are the owner of your account.

BlueHost CloudFlare-Advanced DDoS Protection The Cloudflare approach combines Cloudflare’s multiple DDoS mitigation capabilities into one service. Prevents interruptions caused by low traffic, while keeping your website highly available and high performance.

SiteLock provides security and protection for your website from malware, 360-degree daily vulnerability analysis, Dashboard Reports Alerts and email notification

Bluehost CodeGuard secures all your work with an automatic daily backup of your site and saves them as a separate version, making it easy to turn back

Direct support for Cloudflare and Google Suite

You can activate CloudFlair directly from the control panel to make copies of your site on multiple servers around the world to minimize the loading time of your pages and increase the performance of your site anywhere in the world.

You can also enable Google Suite services to track the email and the status of the site’s archives from the server configuration panel.

Beginner-Friendly  (idéal option for beginners)

Bluehost is the simplest and the top hosting  platform. It does not require any technical knowledge. Bluehost offers a better user experience to make it easier for beginners to host their website for the first time.

The company provides advanced cPanel for all types of accommodation. The panel looks comfortable and easy to use. With a few more options, for example, it is possible to register and transfer domain names. On dedicated VPS servers, you can install any control panel independently.

Bluehost Review: CDN

CDN is one of the simplest ways to control the increase of your site traffic

CDN is the content delivery network that distributes your site’s content through a network of servers located worldwide, the site files are stored and served on separate servers. This improves your ranking in search engines because customers are more likely to load the site faster.

The content of your site is hosted on servers located in different geographic regions of the world to facilitate access so that users can download the content from the server closest to their geographic area

Bluehost Review: Super rapide

The speed of a website usually depends on file size, image optimization, number of plugins and caching. It also depends on the number of traffic in your site

Although Bluehost is not the fastest of all shared hosts when it comes to server loading. The initial duration of the server is less than 200 ms on average, which is a useful statistic for a shared host.

Bluehost is one of the top hosting provider that offers packages keep your site always fast. Your site’s loading time is linked to the type of hosting you’re using

for example the loading time of your pages will be little  slower if you opt for shared hosting, on the other hand it can be very fast with dedicated hosting and you can get high performance with Business Pro Plan

The speed and performance level of shared hosting is appropriate for a small or medium-sized website with limited use of resources.

The server location affects the speed of your site so try to choose the nearest location to your traffic source

Bluehost Review: Support client

Bluehost offers several ways to help its customers to access their technical support, The Bluehost support team is nice because it is always available.

Bluehost’s live hotline is available 24 hours a day. This allows clients to speak directly to a technical expert and answer all their questions in a global way. 

A complete database of problems and fixes, customers with more complex problems can send a help ticket via help and receive emails or live support if  necessary

The company also has a forum where you can chat with other users. Chat and email assistance is provided and you can send tickets without waiting 24 hours.

BlueHost Hosting rates

Some BlueHost plans are financially attractive, such as shared hosting available from only $2.95 per month. But for an ultra-powerful dedicated server equipped with backups to serve in the event of a breakdown, you’ll have to pay at least $79.99 per month, making BlueHost one of the most expensive web hosts, although the services are truly exceptional and reliable.

There are three or four plans for each type of plans. In more advanced plans, there is the possibility of hosting an unlimited number of websites. All plans have a free domain name for the first year.

You can buy the plans for one, two or three years. If you want to pay monthly, Bluehost is not for you.

What about the prices? They’re not bad. These are not the cheapest prices on the market, but they are quite reasonable, especially in shared plans

When you pay, you’ll find that Bluehost has made “additional sales by default.”  You can add these services later, and if you’re not careful from the beginning, your fees can double. You can deselect most of them

Bluehost Top Hosting Packages

BlueHost is the top hosting that offers a variety of hosting  package with distinct features to meet your needs.

The package includes four main types of hosting: Shared, VPS, Dedicated and WordPress. Each of them comes with its rates and benefits.

The most common plans are called shared hosting, which share server space with other websites. This is a great starting point for the company that has just started and it is the cheapest option.

So in a few moments I will present these offers with more details and you will be able  to choose the plan that suits you the most without having to spend hours comparing each hosting

   Bluehost shared web hosting

Shared hosting is the perfect choice when starting a new low-traffic website. The user’s website will share server resources with other websites. A basic hosting plan for individual websites or blogs

Bluehost shared hosting is the perfect and the top hosting plan to start online. With expert support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Bluehost shared hosting is perfect for blogging, leisure and even small business websites. 

Choosing the shared offer will allow you to host your website at a lower cost, and manage it very easily. And if your needs have ever evolved over time you can easily move on to more advanced hosting. However the “Basic” subscription is very limited. For a few more euros, we advise you to opt at least for the “Plus” subscription which offers more performance

Bluehost offers a shared hosting package that is suitable for beginner websites and is available in 4 choices.

Basic: The basic package allows users to host a single website. Package features include hosting a domain and 25 sub-domains, 50GB of storage space and 5 email accounts with 100MB of storage each. The offer fee is $2.95. When renewing an account, the fee becomes $7.99 per month.

Plus plan:  allow unlimited number of websites with unlimited web space. Users will get unlimited email accounts. Prices start at $5.45 per month and $10.99 per month when renewing.

The Choice Plus: gives access to unlimited storage and $200 of marketing credit, you have free access to Office 365 Mailbox for 1 year. This is a pretty interesting messaging solution. The Plus Suit package is available for €4.88/month.

Premium: The Prime package includes all the features of the plus package. Users will also benefit from the domain privacy and SiteBackup Pro. Premium has the same price as Plus for $5.45 and $14.99 per month When renewing

Bluehost recommends Choice Plus, which is the best plan to start as it offers many interesting features.

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Standard performance
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • $200 in marketing credits


Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a content management system used by the majority of websites, it is the most popular blogging platform  in the world

BlueHost decided to offer a specific wordpress hosting to easily manage your site, The basic subscription will receive up to 100 million visits per month and will allow you to install WordPress in a few clicks, an SSL protocol for your site in order to make it as secure as possible.

Here are some of the best features offered by Bluehost wordpress hosting plans:Automatic WordPress Installation

  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Microsoft 365 available
  • Free Domain Name for 1 Year
  • Secure Configuration
  • Get Verified on Google My Business


Bluehost wordpress hosting package offers three plans

Basic (starting at $ 7,999 per month) lets you host a website and includes 50 GB of SSD storage, a free SSL certificate, and a free domain for one year. offers unlimited storage and monthly data transfers

Plus (starting at $ 10.99 per month), which includes unlimited website hosting and unlimited SSD storage.

Choice Plus higher level (starting at $ 14.99 per month) is added to the CodeGuard Basic backup program.

If you need more server ressource, BlueHost has a managed hosting solution called WordPress Pro ab offer optimized for WordPress websites. These plans have many additional features such as a malware detection and removal, JetPack site analysis, business assessment tools and more.

VPS web hosting

When your site starts to grow and requires more advanced features to support growing traffic or when you have specific compliance requirements that do not allow you to use a shared servers, consider virtual private server (or VPS) the best and the top hosting option

This is similar to shared hosting  because your site shares server resources with other sites, but there are two big differences: hosting VPS has far fewer sites on the server and the provider guarantees you a certain number of server resources.

Bluehost offers three VPS hosting, the main difference in the plans is the storage space, the RAM. you will also have access to more IP addresses.

Standard Plan:  $19.99 per month (30GB of storage, 2GB of memory and unlimited monthly data transfer, 1TB Bandwidth

Enhanced Plan: $29.99 per month (60GB of storage, 4GB RAM and unlimited monthly data transfer, 2TB Bandwidth

Ultimate Plan: $59.99 per month,120GB of SSD storage, 8GB of memory and unlimited monthly data transfers,

Dedicated web hosting

If you expect a lot of traffic , Dedicated hosting is the best option for you

Dedicated hosting offers the highest level of resource allocation, privacy and control. Dedicated servers are isolated from each other, so that users have full access to configure their server the way they want without affecting another user.

Servers cost from $ 79.99 per month for a standard plan, $ 99.99 for the enhanced plan and $ 119.99 for the Premium plan .

The difference between dedicated servers is the overall speed of the server, the storage space, the RAM and the number of dedicated IP addresses.

Bluehost it’is good?

Bluehost is a trusted provider of cheap hosting services. Serious. Outstanding customer service. Free domain name included, practically no downtime forms the basis of the highly customer-oriented offer.

With their hosting packages that offer exceptional value for money, it is not surprising that more than 20,000 new customers trust Bluehost each month. A 30-day money back guarantee means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So why not join Bluehost today?

So if you are looking for a reliable and inexpensive hosting company, you should consider Bluehost. Not only they  are one of the top hosting  providers, but their reputation in the web hosting industry is impeccable.

Get started with Bluehost today.


Bluehost is one of the top hosting that I recommend to everyone. If you are looking for a host with a solid reputation, look no further than Bluehost. With cheap and scalable plans

Bluehost offers many great features and extras included at every price, and the variety of plans offers great flexibility for every budget. Whatever your needs,

Despite some negative comments, the majority of customers are quite satisfied with Bluehost’s services. There is a reason why this company has a strong reputation for over 20 years of online business!

Did you use Bluehost to create your WordPress website or blog? How did it work for you? Are there any additional features via Bluehost that are not mentioned here? Help others by mentioning them in the comments section below!


Disclaimer: Please note that we use affiliate links in this review,which means if you buy something through our affiliate link we get a commission

It does not influence our way of evaluating a product or supplier. We only recommend tools that we really support. There is of course no additional charge for you! However, you are helping us and this project. Thank you








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