Blink XT2 wireless Home Security Camera Review

Blink XT2 wireless Home Security Camera Review

There are many types of surveillance cameras on the market and it is sometimes difficult to navigate. I chose Blink XT2 wireless Home Security Camera for two reasons. I needed a wireless solution because I don’t have access to electricity outside my home. I also needed a video storage solution for which I didn’t have to pay for a monthly subscription.

With Blink XT2 wireless Home Security Camera, I’ve found a completely independent solution that promises 2 years of battery life and completely free cloud storage.

I probably could have found a solution on the Chinese brand side because they are cheaper, but I have no guarantee that these companies will continue to exist. I bought a Chinese camera 2 years ago, it also worked with the cloud then suddenly the company disappeared, the cloud too and my camera was unusable. If you keep your cameras for a few years without this kind of risk, you have to choose a brand that will survive.

Blink XT2 wireless Home Security Camera not only does the blink XD home security cameras dream high quality video but it’s also very simple to set up on your own within minutes you won’t

the built-in motion sensor alert you when the detector is triggered and the camera will immediately begin recording a clip of the event the camera is also conveniently battery powered from the included AAA lithium batteries with a 2 year lifespan cloud storage  if you ever need to check something out you can create a blank XD home security system

Blink XT2 takes video and audio recordings day and night. Infrared lighting is integrated for night mode. The temperature sensor reports the status; if you like, you can also set a temperature range for use in the server room or in the wine cellar, which sends an alarm message as a push message to your smartphone. The camera is weatherproof   and suitable for outdoor installation.

Features of Blink XT2 Home Security Camera

Let’s put the Blink XT2 to the Security Baron necessary features test.

Here at Security Baron, we think that every home security camera should have stellar video

quality, 2 way audio, night vision, local and cloud storage, smart platform integration,

artificial intelligence, convenience, and value.

Stellar video quality is a Security Baron necessary feature. By that we mean we like to see a video quality of at least 1080p high-definition video and a field of view of 120 degrees.

Now the Blink XT2 does well with this 1080p high definition crisp, clear vision, but it

only has 110 degree field of view, about 10 degrees fewer than we like to see.

It’s going to be a little bit narrower than what we like to see with our home security

cameras.That being said, it does have a digital zoom and while there are a few hiccups depending on your connection, we do feel that it has a nice view that you can capture what’s going on in any particular room or even outside.

image quality Videos land in the cloud at 1080p. Generally, faces are easy to see day and night, although there are some issues with reflections in the plastic lens. For decent picture quality in the dark, it is important that the camera does not look at light sources or that there are metal or glass reflective objects in front of them that reflect infrared light.

2 way audio is a Security Baron necessary feature. It allows you to speak to whoever’s in the vicinity of your camera and hear what they have to say back.

Now this is a tremendous upgrade from the predecessor the Blink XT2, the Blink XT, because

it actually comes with two-way audio.

When it comes to Security Baron necessary feature of two-way audio, we have to give

the Blink XT2 full marks.

Night vision is a Security Baron necessary feature. The night vision on the Blink XT2 is actually pretty good. Now we do want to note a couple of things.

One is that there’s a pretty significant variants for us when it came to the live viewing versus

the recorded clips. We even felt that we had a pretty strong connection for most of that period.

, the night vision is actually clear, it’s using infrared LEDs to give you a nice, clear night vision. Another thing you want to note is that when you are recording with the Blink XT2, a little blue indicator light does come on which could tip anyone out to the fact that there is a

camera there. That’s one thing to keep in mind when you are thinking of night vision with the Blink XT2.

Local and cloud storage is a Security Baron necessary feature. We like the ability to throw thing up in the cloud so it access them from anywhere or it just had them locally on something like a hard drive and a hub or the camera itself. Unfortunately, with the Blink XT2 you only get 7,200 seconds up in the cloud or two hours in the cloud but that lasts up to a year.

I think I should mention that it’s free. With Blink once you buy your camera everything else is already built in. We would love for there to be an ability to save to the sync module or the camera itself, but that is just not an option. Of course you can take those 7,200 seconds up in the cloud and download them to a local hard drive that you have but it’s just not an option directly into either the Blink XT2 itself or its sync module.

Smart platform integration is a Security Baron necessary feature. Amazon owns Blink XT2 so it does integrate with Amazon Alexa. For instance, you can ask it to arm your camera or you can say, “Hey, send it to Amazon Echo show,” for example, on my Amazon Fire TV and then you can actually check out the live stream of your Blink XT2.

Artificial intelligence is a Security Baron necessary feature. It typically relates to a camera’s ability to either recognize people’s faces or at least people in general or vehicle or even package detection. That allows you to get smarter, more specific notifications and distance doesn’t ring your phone anytime something goes by and it detects motion. Unfortunately, the Blink XT2 lacks any of these features.

Convenience is a Security Baron necessary feature. When we’re speaking convenience, we’re talking about the installation and everyday use of your home security camera.

Now, with the Blink XT2 you have to use it in conjunction with a sync module. That’s really straightforward. You plug in your sync module, you put it onto your WiFi using your mobile application, Blink Home Monitor app and the sync module’s ready to go.

That’s the first element of the process,The second one is just as easy. You’re going to take your Blink XT2, take two AA lithium batteries, put them inside Once you sync it with your sync module, you’re ready to go.

Now remember, with those two AA lithium batteries, Blink is purporting that it’s going to last

for up to two years. That’s a really set it and forget it type system because you can basically place this directly on a shelf, a mantle or use the swivel mount.

Screw it in anywhere you’d like in indoor or outdoors of your home

That is the quintessential, simple and convenient process for installation and everyday use

with the home security camera

A Security Baron necessary feature is value.

Honestly, we think the Blink XT2 brings tremendous value.

It comes in at $99.99.

The Blink XT2 with its Activity Zones, its temperature monitoring, its ability to withstand

the elements — it’s bringing something really special to the market.

Cloud App Configuration

The system is very simple to set up . First, you need to download the Blink app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. With this app, you can connect the control module to your wifi network, and then add each camera to set it up. Each camera has a QR code on the back. Simply scan this code using the Blink app to add the camera to your setup.

The home screen of the application allows you to see an image of each camera so that you do not see all the video streams in real time ,You can also configure each camera individually by turning motion detection on and off , see battery status and temperature

set the video clip duration, video quality and speaker volume. The application therefore offers a large number of options for each camera, it also recognizes the type of camera (indoor or outdoor) to offer the most suitable settings for each type of camera.


Blink XT2 wireless Home Security Camera is a great product. The simple configuration convinced us as much as the free cloud or just perfect picture quality. The product is the ideal solution for surveillance in areas rarely used. There are many battery alternatives


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